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18 mar 2017

I have decided to create a page Blog/Diary for Lilylove-Bulldogs.  To facilitate a regular update I have decided to write principally in english with occasional trnaslations when I have the time.

 1st February 2018 – Well so much for keeping a blog.  All best laid plans ……A whole year has passed without me updating the site and leaving any comments.  I now find myself a year down the line and trying to decide whether to do CRUFT 2018 or not.  Entries closed on 22 January, so to keep options open I have entered; whether or not we go can now be decided nearer the time.  This year the bulldogs are in on Saturday the 10 March.  For us to attend this great venue we have a good 8 hour drive in France, then the tunnel to get over to the UK and who knows how many hours to then drive up to Birmingham.  The UK side is always the worse.  The quantity of traffic on UK roads is so great that the only time you can reliably predict a journey time is probably between 2 and 5 am.  We shall see if we make it or not.

On the whole 2017 was an excellent year for Lilylove.  We are more than happy with our show results in France notably those at the Championship de France where for the 2nd year running Ch Happy and Glorious Hennessy took the male CACIB and actually went one better this time by taking Best of Breed.  His son Lilylove Midnight Cowboy took Best Junior, making him a french Junior Champion and at the same time qualifying him for Crufts 2018.  His sister Lilylove Moon River received an excellent 4th in her Junior class.  Lilylove Little Tokyo owned by Celine Deiss received an excellent 4th in her Intermediary class and Multi Champion Nobozz Crouching Tiger took 1st excellent in the Champion class.  Despite doing very few shows since Lilylove Midnight Cowboy has received two CACS, a RCACIB and a CACIB.  He is now cotation 4.  Lilylove Life at the Top received an excellent unplaced in his only show at Poitier.

The great show results of Hennessys offspring have allowed him to make the french  grade of Elite A Point 6.  We are extremely proud of this as he achieved this at the young age of two and a half.


Like France, we have not done many shows abroad however what brilliant results we have had for the few we have attended.  The last one of 2017 was the Brussels 2 day Dog Show.  On the first day Ch Happy and Glorious Hennessy received the CAC, CACIB and Best in Breed.  He then went on to take Group II – an enormous result.  The CACIB also validated a new Champion International title.  His son Midnight Cowboy beat his father on the 2nd day and took the double CACs and CACIB and Best opposite sex.


The last piece of information before I put 2017 to bed is Nobozz Crouching Tiger sired by Lilylove Life at the Top gave birth to her 2nd litter of pups on the 24 November.  Two females and two males.  The mating has produced everything we were hoping for and the 4 pups are all stunners – there is a good chance they will be in the show ring 2018.

And lastly but by no means least, just before Christmas we welcomed a newcomer to Lilylove, a certain Cardigan Corgi,  Kingrock Samba aka Gwyneth.  She keeps us all on our toes and if I can catch her I will hopefully be able to prepare her for the 2018 show ring.  No promises.



20 March 2017 - Today was a quiet day at home today.  Usual Monday check over of all the dogs, bit of training .  Have decided white faced dogs are hard work.  Have tried every trick to keep Romeo’s face free of tear stains but so far, don’t find any as good as I would like.  Brindles are far easier as they don’t yellow and don’t have the staining.   While we have no shows until end of April, some of the Lilylove pups will be in the show ring both in France and the UK.  We wish them luck.  Recived photos of Lilylove Little Tokyo aka Lily who will be shown at the weekend in Angers.  From the fisrt Lilylove litter, born the 19 December 2015, she is a lovely standard bitch with great bone, pigmentation, lovely layback, great topline, compact body, not over done with good jaw, eyes and wide open nostrils.  With a competant judge capable of judging a full brindle she should do very well in the ring.  A credit to her owner who has trained her well and kept her fit.

lily 3_modifié-1

17 March 2017 – Upto now the month of March has been mainly influenced by preparations for CRUFTs.  Making sure our qualified dogs are at their best, that all passports are ready for travel to the UK, eurotunnel and hotels are booked.  A lot of work, expense and miles for a dog show but this isn’t any old dog show, this is CRUFTs, the biggest and best dog show in the world.  The stage that everyone wants to peform on.  All dogs entered are already winners so even if you come away without a placing you can still be proud.  A placing is the icing on the cake and an outright class win the cherry.  For the lucky ones who actually take the CC’s and the BOB/BOS, well they have  their cake and eat it too.  i love CRUFTs and hope to go for many more years.  It is frantic, exhausting, expensive, often disappointing but it is CRUFTs and there is no other dog show like it.  Overall I am pleased with our results for this year.  One of our first homebred pups took VHC in Puppy Dog, our beautiful Champion Nobozz Crouching Tiger was 4th in Open Bitch, possibly the hardest class of the day.  It was certainly the largest with 31 entries.  Our boy Champion Happy and Glorious Hennessy went unplaced in the strong Open Dog class but he couldn’t have shown better.  We also had another of our homebred  bitch pups in the ring, Lilylove Lay Lady Lay at Shipshape with Lorraine Watkins.  She finished 3rd in Junior bitch, a great result.  All in all, there were some beautiful bulldogs present but personally I was disappointed by movement, top lines and tails.




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